Below is a list of frequently asked questions and common topic people may need help with.

  • Q. Do I have to buy everythin I want for my system all at once?
    A. No, your system is fully modular and can be added to or simplified at any time.
  • Q. Is financing available?
    A. Yes, Financing is currently available through Paypal Credit. Just like any credit, you do have to qualify.
  • Q. How long does it take to install a system?
    A. Most systems can be installed in a matter of hours. Your estimate will tell you a rough time for installation.
  • Q. I am not sure what I actually need in my system, can you help with that?
    A. Of Course! We will ask you what types of capabilities you want, suggest capabilities we think your would benefit from, and if you are asking for something we feel may not be beneficial for your system, we will tell you. In the end we will do what you want.
  • Q. I already have some smart home devices, like smart speakers and smart light bulbs. Can you incorporate these into my system?
    A. Most of the time the answer will be yes. There are very few smart products out there that we can't integrate with our system.
  • Q. I want my smart home completely cut off from the internet. Does my smart home need to be internet connected?
    A. No, you do not have to have your system hooked up to the internet. Keep in mind that if you have integrated smart devices from manufacturers that require internet access, those devices may not work correctly.
  • Q. I want to be able to access my smart home from anywhere. Is there a way to do this securely?
    A. Yes! I can set up an encrypted connection to your system so all communication with your home is secure.
  • Q. Do I have to have wires run all over my house for this system?
    A. Most pieces of our systems have both wired and wireless options. Wired options are generally more secure, reliable and require less maintenance. If you want everything wireless, that is completely doable. If you have us come out to do an onsite consultation, we can suggest the most cost effective options for you.